#FaveTweets: CPAP Therapy Hacks

Now that you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and will be undergoing CPAP Therapy,
we have compiled three helpful tweets on CPAP Therapy for you.   Hopefully, they will help you get through the process of using a CPAP machine.   I know it’s kind of challenging from the start.

Let us begin with some of the ‘best practices’ of CPAP Therapy.

We agree with what @SleepSomatics tweeted…..that the cleanliness and quality of air goes a long way toward improving your therapy usage.

Helpful Tip: Consider allergen-free houseplants in your bedroom.   It can be helpful in filtering particulate matter.   Efficient, inexpensive house plants can help combat Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Click on the link in the tweet above to dig deeper and learn more on the subject of how to properly clean your CPAP machine.

If you are frustrated because your CPAP mask is leaking, we have included several suggestions and solutions for you to consider.
Watch this Video: Why does my CPAP mask leak ?

#FollowFriday: Sleep Apnea Twitter Updates

What does the twitter-space has to say about Sleep Apnea ?   For those of you that still haven’t discovered what this disorder means: Sleep Apnea is an involuntary cessation of breathing that occurs numerous while the patient is asleep.   Left untreated, it will result in further health complications.

According to Dr. Apoor Gami, the presence and severity of Sleep Apnea are associated with a significantly increased risk of sudden cardiac death,”

We at CPAP Horizon Project aim to spread Sleep Apnea awareness through the use of social media.

Here are some of the helpful tweets that may interest you.   Don’t forget to re-share. You too can help us in this battle.


#FollowFriday: Feeling Unhappy Due to Sleep Apnea ?

Social media is a great way to find uplifting words that can provide comfort in your everyday life’s struggles.

As Sleep Apnea sufferers, who would not want to ?   Sleep Apnea is not a simple sleep disorder that we can belittle. Indeed, it’s a serious health condition to give serious consideration.

Most Sleep Apnea sufferers are unhappy.   Every morning, they awaken with anxiety, dissatisfaction, and negativity.   They need support systems that will eliminate the unhappiness and depression that they’re going through.   You can be one of them.

Your social media updates can change the way your followers think. Tweet: Your social media updates can change the way your followers think. http://ctt.ec/1Emd9+


Before posting, first ask yourself these questions:

Is this kind-hearted ?
Can this message bring goodness to someone ?
Can this post inspire other people ?


Follow these awesome people to lift your mood.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Willamson

Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins


If you are interested in social media, you might be interested in using the Free Facebook Poster that we use.

#FaveTweets: Sleepy Workers ? They Might be Suffering From Sleep Apnea

The infographic below explains the importance of sleep in our daily lives.   Lack of sleep can cause road accidents and and makes you unproductive at work, causing the company you’re with a great loss.

SleepLess in America

Now, this question is for the employers.   Should you let your employees sleep on the job ?   Based on the infographic above:

“Sleepy workers cost businesses an estimated $136 billion a year”

“More sleep……more productivity”.

How can you help your employees get more restful sleep ?

Have you tried encouraging them into an evaluation for possible Sleep Apnea with a sleep test ?   There are 18 million sufferers of Sleep Apnea in the United States.   One of your employees might be one of them.

Support your employees’ health by guiding him or her into a sleep test.   In some industries, it is even required by the employer and government.

3 Sleep Specialists to Follow on Twitter

Sleep Specialists to follow
Obstructive Sleep Apnea is caused by a temporary blockage of the airway, usually when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat periodically collapses during sleep.   This disorder is fairly common among men and to lesser degree in women.    If left untreated, it can lead to various health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, memory problems, stroke and many more.

The good thing is that medical news and knowledge is now accessible with the help of social media.   Sleep Apnea sufferers can now follow and seek advice from sleep specialists no matter where they live.

We recommend to you 3 sleep specialists that you can follow on Twitter to give you everyday knowledge about Sleep Apnea.

  • Dr. Mark Burhenne
    Here’s a tweet about the connection between oral health & total body wellness, with a focus on dental sleep medicine, nutrition, prevention and ancestral health.
  • Anju Anand
    She’s a respirologist and sleep medicine doctor, mom and travel pro from Toronto, Canada.   Views are her own.   Anju is a moderator & creator of @respandsleepjc
  • Dr. Steven Y. Park
    Dr. Park is an integrative sleep surgeon and author with a passion for helping people to breathe better, sleep better and live better.

Quoted from Forbes:
When social media is used in an educational fashion, it can help to share knowledge and increase awareness, further creating interest in a specific field of medicine.

#FaveTweets: A Life with Sleep Apnea

12 million Americans or more have Sleep Apnea.  Everyday, their lives can be at risk because of the many life-threatening health conditions that this disorder brings.  We all know that getting a good night of sleep is very important for good health, but those who are suffering from untreated Sleep Apnea are not able to get a good slumber.

The Twitter video below illustrates just how difficult life with Sleep Apnea can be.   You can experience sleepless nights causing road accidents and numerous unproductive days.   Also, your relationship with your husband or wife can be strained and stressed, depression can develop and there are many more ways our lives can be negatively affected.

It’s a good thing that CPAP Horizon Project is here to help you.   It is a Professional Alliance of
CPAP Therapy Providers, Sleep Physicians, and Sleep Professionals with the purpose of improving the overall effectiveness and sustainability of CPAP Therapy.


#FaveTweets: Sleep Apnea Topics in The News

Twitter is a great way to discover topics concerning Sleep Apnea.   Below are some Sleep Apnea news that should concern us all.

-Did you know that children can also develop Sleep Apnea ?   It’s estimated than 1 to 4 percent of children suffer from Sleep Apnea, many of them between 2 and 8 years old.

-Excessive daytime sleepiness cause many unintended consequences, especially for drivers.

-More couples are opting for separate beds.   What’s the effect on this on marriage ?

Tweeters Worth Following: Sleep Apnea and CPAP

CPAP Horizon Project is very happy to share these Sleep Apnea and CPAP tweeters and because of them, Sleep Apnea is finally becoming more widely acknowledged.   Untiringly, they share updates as well as issue warnings to people who are suffering from this life-threatening and life-shortening health condition.

We encourage you to also share and participate in Sleep Apnea and CPAP discussions.   Together, let’s build an army of Sleep Apnea tweeters !


Website: They’re helping Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferers through screening, testing, treatment, ongoing care & information.   Follow them to receive everyday tips on CPAP treatment assistance, Sleep Apnea news and better sleeping tips.

Website: nstherapy.com
This group is focused exclusively on helping people manage their Sleep Apnea and improving health and well-being of Sleep Apnea sufferers.   Another great thing about them is they’re working closely with local doctors to provide the best sleep therapy possible.

Website: sleeptherapeutics.ca
Their mission is to help clients transition from a life-affected, debilitating Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders to a healthy life of happiness and success using scientifically proven sleep diagnostics and treatments.   They have their sleep therapist providing professional services to Sleep Apnea sufferers.

Education and Support for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Quoted from the post:

Coinciding with National Sleep Awareness Week and the switch to Daylight Saving Time, when Americans lose one hour of sleep, individuals with Sleep Apnea and health care professionals from 9 states talked about sleep – and lack of it — during the most recent edition of ‘CPAP Talk – Live!’ — a free monthly virtual support session focusing on Sleep Apnea.

The town hall-style forum, sponsored by of National Sleep Therapy (www.nstherapy.com ), enables online participants to join in anonymously from the comfort of their own home. 

It’s a collective support system for Sleep Apnea sufferers.   We all need support to help overcome difficult situations in our life.    We give two thumbs up to the organizers and supporters of this noble program !

Participate in the their monthly session on the first Wednesday each month from 7 – 8 pm (ET).   You can also reach them via  888.867.8840 or support@nstherapy.com.


You can also participate on these forum sites:


Follow Friday: Sleep Apnea on Twitter – Who to Follow ?

We already follow a lot of Sleep Apnea tweeters and these three are great additions to our list.

Follow them and share their updates on Sleep Apnea.

Together, let’s take advantage of social media in order to create Sleep Apnea awareness all over the world.


Medical News Today
We’re bringing health news directly to your timeline feeds.   If you want to receive updates on all the health-related news, you’re at the right place.
Medical News Today

Mick Farrell
Get accurate information on Sleep Apnea and CPAP Therapy directly from the CEO of the one of the leading manufacturers of products used in the treatment of sleep disorders.
Mick Farrell

Alison Graves
She’s a PR & Marketing Professional who often tweets about Sleep Apnea.   For a clear picture of her, don’t just rely on her Twitter bio, look more into her tweets 🙂
Alison Graves


We encourage you to send your suggestions of amazing tweeters on SLEEP APNEA.   We will review them and just might include them here on our Follow Friday Edition !